Poor Chinese Farmer Amputates Feet With Broken Glass In 6-Hour DIY Surgery

A Chinese farmer who was unable to afford surgery after suffering frostbite cut off both of his feet with shards of broken glass.

Liu Dunhe, 44, told the South China Morning Post he was in so much pain from the gangrenous infection in his feet that he couldn’t take it anymore.

He used glass shards to amputate his feet – an operation that took him six hours to complete.

"I used the glass to repeatedly cut through my muscle tendon. It was astonishingly painful," Liu said.

"I had to swallow some alcohol to try to anaesthetize myself when I couldn't stand the pain," he added.

Liu’s feet suffered frostbite after he tended his farm barefoot, and they later became infected.

Treatment in a hospital would have cost $1,600. He never enrolled in China’s voluntary health plan, which for about $12 a year pays for up to 70 percent of medical treatments, according to the South China Morning Post.

After he cut off his feet, he kept the surgery secret until the new wounds became infected.

Villagers raised $3,700 to get him medical attention. Village officials also subscribed him to a state health insurance plan with a handicap subsidy.

Liu is not expected to be released from the hospital for several weeks.

Sources: New York Daily News, South China Morning Post


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