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Pooping Cyclist Allegedly Caused Wildfire

A fire ripped through more than 73 acres in the foothills near Boise, Idaho, earlier this week. The apparent cause was bicyclist who couldn’t wait to poop.

Bureau of Land Management spokeswoman Carrie Bilbao told KTVB that a man was bicycling through the area when he defecated in a ravine. He tried to hide his actions by lighting his toilet paper on fire and burying his burning waste, but an ember reached some nearby grass.

"I guess when you gotta go, you gotta go," Bilbao said.

The fire was contained within a few hours, NBC News reported.

"We've had this before, actually — it doesn't happen very often — but when people have to go, um, they will often burn their toilet paper just as kind of an environmental concern, to not litter, basically, but in these fuel types, it's not a good idea," Bilbao said.

The bicyclist came forward, believing he was possibly responsible for the fire. Police aren’t sure if they will charge him for starting the fire, but he did receive a citation. 

The cyclist, who has not been named, could be held financially responsible for the cost of fighting the fire, meaning it could be an expensive pit stop.

Sources: KTVB, NBC News / Photo credit: Boise Fire Department/Facebook


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