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Poll: About 1 In 5 Americans Think Smoking Should Be Illegal

Only one in five Americans believes smoking should be publicly and privately illegal, according to a new Gallup poll.

While the percentage of supporters is surprisingly small, at only 22 percent, it has risen from 12 percent since 2007. However, the percentage of supporters who wish to see smoking banned entirely has remained in the teens for two decades, and is not expected to fluctuate greatly.

Considering the push for the legalization of privately consumed marijuana, it is even more unlikely that many will insist smoking to made illegal in the home.

A greater percentage of Americans say that smoking should be banned publicly, with 55 percent of polltakers in agreement.

Gallup researchers found that four in five Americans believe smoking is harmful, while only three in five smokers believe the claim to be true. Additionally, only 9% of smokers believe that smoking should be made illegal publically and privately.

The poll also found that nonwhites were more likely to support keeping smoking legal than whites. It also found that people with only a high school degree are almost 20% more likely to smoke than those with a college degree.

The answers were extracted from 2,027 adults who were asked various questions by phone, and only in the U.S.

Sources: The Huffington Post, MSN


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