Poll: Trump Holds Massive Lead In New York


A recent NY1/Baruch College poll shows Donald Trump leading his rivals by 43 points in New York ahead of the state’s primary. 

In New York, Trump’s home state, the GOP front-runner and billionaire businessman is supported by 60 percent of Republican voters. Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas received 17 percent of the vote, while Republican Gov. John Kasich of Ohio got 14 percent of the vote in the poll.

"Trump is just killing it," said Baruch College pollster Mickey Blum, according to NY1.

"Every demographic group goes for him," pollster Doug Muzzio added. "Every geographic group, every socio-economic group. And with large majorities.  Cruz ain't doing it. And Kasich ain't doing it."

Blum said he believes a win in New York would put Trump back on the path towards a victory over Cruz, who celebrated a major win in Wisconsin. 

“This could really be his road to getting enough to win it outright before he ever gets to that convention,” he said. 

Similarly, a Wall Street Journal/NBC News/Marist poll found Trump with a 33-point lead over Kasich — 54 to 21 percent. Cruz trailed both at 18 percent.

“Right now, the front-runners look like they will erase recent setbacks and add significantly to their delegate margins,” Marist College Institute for Public Opinion director Lee Miringoff told the Wall Street Journal. “New York is not likely to enhance the hopes of those trying to close the gap in the delegate hunt.”

Trump has recently endured a significant number of attack ads against him, taken out by rivals on the Republican side as well as Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton. The New York Times reported that of the $132 million spent on negative ads by campaigns, their super PACs and other groups, close to $70 million has funded anti-Trump commercials. 

“What is unusual and unprecedented is the array of advertisers who are out there flogging Trump on the air,” Kantar Media/CMAG senior vice president Elizabeth Wilner told The New York Times. 

“You have general election foes attacking him, you have his primary foes attacking him, and you have specific groups whose whole focus in life is just to make sure that he’s not the nominee.”

Sources: NY1, New York Times, Wall Street Journal / Photo credit: Wikipedia

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