Poll: Slim Majority for Marijuana Legalization in Washington State


Another surprising result [of the University of Washington and Western Washington University poll] was high support for legalizing possession of small amounts of marijuana. Washington voters have already given thumbs-up to medical marijuana.

Fifty-two percent approve removing both civil and criminal penalties for possessing small amounts of cannabis. Sponsors are collecting signatures to put such a measure on the November ballot.

via New state poll: Murray runs weak, income tax strong.

Sensible Washington is running an amazing campaign with virtually no big dollar support.  They need donations and volunteer signature gatherers to get the initiative on the ballot.

Washington is an interesting state, politically.  The population is clustered mostly in the Puget Sound area of Seattle and ‘burbs.  These areas tend to be more liberal in voting tendencies and we could expect that those voters’ support for legalization is much higher.

But once you get east of the Cascades, Washington is very conservative and rural and likely not supportive of marijuana legalization.

The key to victory here is that a ballot initiative can pass with significant support from just the three urban counties.  If you are in the Seattle area, please get involved by visiting Sensible Washington.


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