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Poll Shows Paula Deen More Popular With Georgia Republicans Than Martin Luther King, Jr.


Despite her much-publicized fall from grace early this summer, Paula Deen has apparently managed to maintain a high favorability rating among Georgia republicans—a rating that surpasses even that of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Paula Deen faced loud criticism this year after using overtly racist language. She had previously admitted to using the “n-word” during a lawsuit filed against her by a former employee, which charged Deen and her brother with “violent, sexist, and racist” behavior. She dug her proverbial hole even deeper when she expressed her desire to host a “Southern plantation-style” wedding for her brother, with an all-black wait staff apparently reminiscent of the slave-era South.

But even after the events, according to a tweet by Public Policy Polling, Deen’s favorability rating with Georgia Republicans continues to sit at 73 percent—a remarkably high figure, given the controversy that prompted the Food Network to discontinue its relationship with Deen. The rating is substantially higher than that of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., the nation’s most celebrated civil rights figure. The tweet shows Dr. King’s rating to be at 59 percent.

It has not yet been concluded whether or not the Republicans polled were asked to compare the two figures.  

Sources: Live Wire, Mediaite 


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