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Poll: Bernie Sanders Is America's Most-Liked Politician

Poll: Bernie Sanders Is America's Most-Liked Politician Promo Image

New polling indicates that independent Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont is the most popular politician currently active in U.S. government. The data also indicated that the Senate majority leader, GOP Sen. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, is the nation's least popular politician.

On Aug. 24, a Harvard-Harris survey found that 54 percent of registered voters viewed Sanders favorably while 36 percent viewed him unfavorably. The Vermont senator was the only politician to garner positive marks from the majority of respondents, The Hill reports.

Meanwhile, McConnell proved to be the least popular politician listed in the survey. Only 18 percent of voters viewed the Kentucky senator favorably, while 49 percent viewed him unfavorably. Additionally, just 32 percent of GOP-leaning respondents viewed McConnell favorably while 40 percent viewed him unfavorably, making the Senate majority leader the only GOP politician in the poll to receive a net negative rating from his own party.

McConnell advisor Josh Holmes issued a statement in response to the unflattering survey results.

"National approval numbers are totally inconsequential for congressional leadership who, if they do their job well, are bestowed little of the credit for successes yet shoulder much of the blame for shortcomings," Holmes said.

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President Donald Trump scored his lowest approval rating yet recorded by the polling group, with 43 percent of registered voters positive on his job performance while 47 percent disapproved.

"Trump and McConnell seem to be locked in a death spiral," said Harvard-Harris co-director Mark Penn. "If the Republicans don't unify with Trump and unify amongst themselves in tax reform, they could face some major losses given these numbers."

The Democratic leadership also suffered low approval ratings, although they remained popular within their own party. The Senate minority leader, Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York, scored a 28 percent favorability rating while 34 percent of respondents viewed him unfavorably. Meanwhile, 31 percent of voters viewed the House Minority Leader, Democratic Rep. Nancy of Pelosi of California, favorably; 47 percent viewed her unfavorably.

Overall, 30 percent of voters approved of Republican politicians' job performance while 70 percent disapproved, and 42 percent of respondents approved of Democratic lawmakers' performance while 48 percent disapproved.

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On July 11, a Morning Consult survey found that Sanders had the highest approval rating of any senator across the nation. A solid 75 percent of Vermont residents approved of Sanders' job performance while only 21 percent disapproved.

For Democrats, Sen. Brian Schatz of Hawaii was the most popular, with 69 percent of his constituents approving of him and only 21 percent disapproving of him. GOP Sen. John Hoeven of North Dakota proved racked up the highest approval among Republican lawmakers, with an approval rating of 66 percent and a disapproval rating of 17 percent.

McConnell was the least popular senator in this poll as well, with 41 percent of his constituents approving of his job performance while 48 percent disapproved.

Sources: The Hill, Morning Consult / Featured Image: Gage Skidmore/Flickr / Embedded Images: Gage Skidmore/Flickr, Edward Kimmel/Flickr

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