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Poll: Majority of Americans Think Police Protect Minority Communities

According to a poll for the United States Conference of Mayors, 62 percent of Americans think that police do a good job at “protecting the safety and rights” of minority communities.

Yet racial demographics explain a different story. While 66 percent of whites believe their local police do a good job protecting minorities, 43 percent of African-Americans say their police force does a fair or poor job protecting minorities.

Reuters polling found stronger numbers: 69 percent of African-Americans and 54 percent of Latinos believe that police officers tend to unfairly target minorities, while only 29 percent of whites polled feel that way.

Among party lines, 53 percent of Democrats polled believe the police unfairly target minorities. Only 19 percent of Republicans agree.

Younger Americans are also with the trend, while seniors mostly believe the police are doing a good job.

Overall, trust in the police is much higher among older Americans and Republicans, while the minority community, younger Americans and Democrats think that the police unfairly target minority communities.

Sources: The Hill, Reuters / Photo Credit: Bustle


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