Poll: France Considers Itself the Most and Least Arrogant of EU Nations

According to a recently released Pew Research Poll, France rated itself as the most arrogant country among the eight European Nations.

According to that same Pew Research Poll, France also rated itself as the least arrogant.

The laughable finding was part of the Pew’s “Stereotyping in Europe” poll that asked 7,646 citizens from Germany, France, Poland, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, Greece, Italy, and Spain a number of questions about their fellow EU members.

Of those eight countries polled, Germany received seven votes as the “Most Trustworthy” country. Conversely, Germany also topped the list for “Least Compassionate” country – scoring six total votes.

Also noteworthy, each country voted for themselves in the category of “Most Compassionate.”

Overall, the Pew’s article delved into a number of more serious issues, such as the European economic crisis, problems with elected leaders, and the consequences associated with the failing euro.

Not surprisingly, the report blamed the prolonged economic crisis for generating tensions amongst neighboring countries and fellow EU members. In general, the southern nations of Spain, Italy, and Greece – all of whom are experiencing sharp economic downtowns – are becoming increasingly frustrated with other countries who are better off. France and the United Kingdom also appear alienated from Germany – a country that’s risen above the pack during the economic downturn.

Although the report states these negative sentiments could improve if the European economy eventually picks up again, experts don’t foresee such a turnaround anytime in the near future.

Sources: Pew Research Center


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