Poll Finds Rust Belt Voters Prefer Clinton Over Trump


Middle-income Rust Belt voters prefer Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump, the GOP's presumptive nominee, according to a new poll.

The Purple Slice for Bloomberg Politics poll, released May 26, finds Clinton leads Trump by 7 percentage points -- 46 percent to 39 percent -- with middle-income voters in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, aka the Rust Belt.

The poll considers middle-income voters to be those with annual family incomes of $30,000 to $75,000.

“If he can’t improve his performance among these working-class voters, he may need to build a more conventional Republican coalition to win,” pollster Doug Usher said.

Trump did perform better than Clinton with white middle-income voters, obtaining 44 percent of support to her 40 percent. Eighty-four percent of the poll’s participants were white.

But Clinton performs better with women in the Rust Belt, obtaining 49 percent support to Trump’s 34 percent.

With men, Trump bests Clinton. He also has more support from voters with a high school education or less, while she performs better amongst those with a college degree or more.

When it comes to which candidate can create jobs and alter how things are run in Washington, the Rust Belt chooses Trump.

“Middle-income voters in these states are hungry for change in the way government works, and they are hungry for jobs,” Usher said. “These are the two issue areas where Trump holds solid leads over Clinton. It’s his foundation for growing his support.”

Additionally, Trump is seen as the candidate who would rein in Wall Street and defend against terrorism better, while Clinton receives higher marks for foreign policy and possessing the temperament to be president.

On the topic of trustworthiness, 29 percent of voters say Clinton is trustworthy. Twenty-three percent find Trump to be trustworthy, with 48 percent stating they are unsure who they should trust more.

As for who the winner will be in a Trump vs Clinton general election, the former secretary of state was chosen by Rust Belt voters, 42 to 34 percent.

While Trump may be trailing Clinton in the Rust Belt, nationwide general election polls conducted in the last 10 days find him nearly tied with the possible Democratic presidential nominee, according to Fortune.

When an average of the recent polls, conducted by The Wall Street Journal-NBC News, The Washington Post-ABC News, Fox News, Rasmussen, and The New York Times-CBS News, is taken, Clinton and Trump are found to be dead-even at 43-43.

Sources: Bloomberg Politics, Fortune / Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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