Poll Finds Connecticut Voters Shake Their Heads at Guns Rights Laws, Keno

A new poll by Quinnipiac University has found that Connecticut voters aren’t particularly fond of guns or Keno.

Keno, a gambling game that can be played on a machine, probably won’t find its way into restaurants, bars, and convenience stores anytime soon. The poll found that 59 percent of voters chose to reject Keno machines, while 39 percent of voters gave it a thumbs up. Gambling appears to be a somewhat of a gender issue in Connecticut with 52 percent of men favoring a ban on Keno machines compared to 65 percent of women.

Quinnipiac University found similar sentiments regarding Connecticut’s recent gun control measures. A full 57 percent of voters approved of the laws, while 37 percent were unhappy about them. The poll broke down the numbers further, revealing that 35 percent said the laws went too far, 32 percent said the laws were about right, and 27 percent said that laws didn’t go far enough.

President Obama earned a 50 percent approval rating, compared to his record low approval rating of 48 percent in 2011. In contrast, Senator Richard Blumenthal (D) had the highest approval rating of any state official with 62 percent of voters reporting that they were happy with Blumenthal’s track record.

Quinnipiac University reports that they polled 1,154 registered voters and they have a margin of error of about 2.9 percentage points.

It isn’t terribly surprising that voters in the Nutmeg State generally support its strong gun control laws, considering that New England historically promotes gun control measures. Despite the approval of these new laws, gun control advocates might have difficulty pushing stricter bills through the legislature. Since only a small majority of voters (27 percent) want stricter laws, they might have trouble rallying the 32 percent of content voters against the gun rights crowd.

Could it be that the Connecticut gun control push has finally stalled out?

Source: Weston Daily Voice


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