Poll: Clinton, Trump Tied Early In Swing States


New polling indicates the presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump and likely Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton could be in a dead heat in three crucial swing states come the November election.

On May 10, the Quinnipiac University survey group released a poll measuring where Trump and Clinton stand in delegate-rich purple states Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania, according to Politico.

The survey results found all three states split on the two likely presidential nominees, with Trump taking Ohio and Clinton having a slight edge in Florida and Pennsylvania.

In Florida, Clinton currently leads Trump by 43 to 42 percent. Independents in the state are evenly split when assessing the two candidates, each scoring 39 percent support.

In Ohio, Trump leads Clinton by 43 to 39 percent. The business mogul has a 3 point advantage among Independent voters.

Finally, in Pennsylvania, Clinton again leads Trump by a mere point, with 43 to 42 percent support.

The survey results found that in all three states, Clinton leads Trump among women voters while Trump has an edge among men. The majority of white voters in all three contests would side with the Republican candidate while racial minorities would overwhelmingly vote Democrat.

Respondents in all three states cited that Trump would be stronger on the economy, counterterrorism, honesty and strong leadership.

Clinton scored better in caring about the needs of working-class voters, temperament and moral standards.

The survey found that Clinton’s rival for the Democratic nomination, Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, would fare slightly better against Trump in all three states but would still prevail with a slim number of points.

Quinnipiac University has conducted 26 polls during the 2016 presidential season and has had a 65 percent accuracy rating, according to Bloomberg Politics.

Meanwhile, Military Times released a poll on May 10 indicating that 54 percent of U.S. military personnel would vote for Trump while only 25 percent would support Clinton. Of those polled, 21 percent would abstain from voting given a choice between the two candidates.

Sources: Bloomberg PoliticsMilitary TimesPolitico / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

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