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Poll: Clinton Dominating Trump By 30 Points In New York

New polling indicates that Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton has a whopping 30-point lead over GOP nominee Donald Trump in his home state of New York.

On August 15, new survey results of the latest Siena College poll found that Clinton leads Trump by 30 percentage points among registered New York state voters, according to SIENA.

In a head-to-head matchup, Clinton currently leads Trump by 57 to 27 percent.

When the race is expanded to four candidates, Clinton scores 50 percent while Trump trails in second with 25 percent. Meanwhile, Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson and Green Party candidate Jill Stein clock in with a combined total of 16 percent.

The survey signals that New York voters favor Clinton over Trump by several different metrics. Voters in the Empire State believe that Clinton is the more qualified candidate by 40 percentage points.

On the question of which candidate would be best equipped to work with Congress, New Yorkers favor Clinton by 32 percentage points. While 60 percent of New York voters view Clinton as dishonest, they view her as more honest and trustworthy than Trump by 16 percentage points.

The survey indicates that the majority of New York voters side with Clinton on all six key issues of the 2016 presidential election.

On the issues of healing the rift between law enforcement and communities of color, improving health care, revamping immigration policy, keeping Americans safe from terrorism, creating jobs, and addressing global trade, New Yorkers side with Clinton over Trump by double digits on all fronts.

The survey also polled New York voters on a crucial question of the 2016 election: Do we need to make America great again? Among New York voters, 49 percent answered that America is already great, while 44 percent believe it needs to be made great.

To add insult to injury for Trump, 71 percent of New Yorkers believe that former President Bill Clinton would be a better first spouse than Melania Trump, whom just 21 percent of respondents favored.

Trump has repeatedly vowed to make a concerted effort to win his home state, according to ABC News.

In April 2016, the business mogul stated that he was the only Republican candidate with a realistic chance of capturing the Empire State, concluding “I think we will win New York. I really do,” reports ABC News.

Siena College pollster Steven Greenberg noted that the survey results indicate that Trump’s confidence was unfounded.

"Despite Trump’s claims to carry New York, the Empire State seems firmly planted on the blue side of the map…," Greenberg explained. "New Yorkers have voted Democratic in the last seven presidential elections and there does not appear to be a real threat to end that streak."

The business mogul has struggled to close the gap between him and Clinton since the party conventions in July.

Aggregating the last six presidential polls released since August 4, Real Clear Politics found that Clinton is currently leading Trump by an average of 6.8 percentage points nationwide.

Sources: ABC NewsSIENA, Real Clear Politics / Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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