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Poll: 30 Percent of Republicans Say Allow Guns on Airplanes

Public Policy Polling released a new poll today that found 30 percent of Republicans support allowing passengers to carry guns onto airlines, while 6 percent of Democrats want armed passengers.

A total of 16 percent of all Americans support carrying guns on planes.

According to the poll, 48 percent of Americans feel safer in a car than in a plane, although 65 percent think they will die in a car crash, which is statistically more likely.

When it comes to favorite airlines, Southwest came in first with 43 percent of the poll. Delta came in second at 11 percent. United and Jet Blue tied at 9 percent, followed by American with 6 percent and U.S. Air bringing up the rear at 5 percent.

Obese people should be required to buy two airplane seats for themselves say 47 percent, but 37 percent disagree.

When comes to sex on a plane, 7 percent of Americans say they are members of the "Mile High Club" compared to 87% who have abstained.

On the ground, taking an Amtrak train is popular with 46 percent of U.S. travelers.

Source: Public Policy Polling


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