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Politically Correct Oprah has 'Bias' Towards Gay Marriage

So a day after the Joy Behar show, in which feminists rant and rave
about Bart Stupak, Oprah has Ellen DeGeneres on with her new wife. Yes,
that's right: wife. Portia de Rossi -- who was born Mandy Lee Rogers in
1973 -- and Ellen were recently pronounced...wife and wife.

I know gay marriage is a hot topic, but it shouldn't be. We have far more fish to fry in this country. Did you know that just 2.9% of Americans
older than 18 identify as either lesbian, gay, or bisexual? Even if you
factor in the folks who are reluctant to admit their sexual
orientation, the figure still doesn't come close to way the media
represents it. The media force gay marriage down Americans' throats as
if there's some huge conspiracy against gay people in this country.

gay marriage is like the issue of abortion. I have feelings about it,
but it's not something that gets me all riled up. I believe when it
comes to these matters, the people -- via the states -- must decide.

I couldn't help but be distracted by Oprah's program. I was actually
flipping channels after the end of the only show I do catch during the
day -- Barefoot Contessa on Food Network -- and stood there somewhat
mesmerized. I tried really hard to be non-judgmental. I tried really
hard to look at these two women -- one of whom is clearly a lesbian and
one of whom is clearly not (just as I predicted Ellen's former love,
Anne Heche, wasn't) -- like they were just another happily married
couple. After all, that's what the media tells Americans homosexuals
are: just like the rest of us.

They are not just like the rest of us.

doesn't mean we shouldn't be tolerant of gay people -- and by that I
mean respectful. Quite frankly, homosexuality makes sense to me. To me,
it stands to reason that 100% of any population won't come out exactly
the same. It makes sense that there will always be people who get too
much testosterone or too much estrogen. But there's very little
concrete proof (that I'm aware of) about the whole nature/nurture issue
re homosexuality. I just happen to believe some people are born gay.

just because most people have a different reaction to watching Ellen
and Portia get married than they do watching a man and a woman get
married doesn't make them bigoted. You're just not going to see tears
in viewers' eyes as they watch a woman walk down the aisle looking
lovingly at...another woman. You're just not.

But that was
Oprah's reaction, of course -- which demonstrates a clear bias toward
gay marriage. Personally, I don't care what Oprah believes. But many
people do -- which has the effect of making some people feel as if
there's something wrong with them if they don't get that "Aw" feeling.

And that I do have a problem with.


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