Political Reporter Chokes Down Fly During Live Broadcast (Video)

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Standing outside 10 Downing Street, a Sky News political reporter was caught on live TV choking on a fly.

Adam Boulton, 55, was reporting on a change to the British Prime Minister’s cabinet when a fly flew into his mouth. He tried to continue reporting as if nothing had happened.

“And certainly if we look at the changing complexion of this Cabinet compared to–” Boulton cut himself off as his face contorted wildly.

“Adam, Adam, do you want to take a pause?” someone in the studio asked.

“No, I swallowed a fly, that’s alright — I’ve recovered now,” he said.

Boulton later tweeted that the fly must have come from the untidy public toilets nearby.

At 50p a time you'd think @CityWestminster could maintain their stinking Whitehall Public Loos

— Adam Boulton (@adamboultonSKY) July 15, 2014

A Vine meme of the gaffe has more than 130,000 loops.

Sources: News.com.au, Daily Mail

Image screenshot: Sky News


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