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Polish Town Erects Bright Green Statue Of Vladimir Lenin Urinating

A Polish town constructed by the communists as a proletarian stronghold in 1949 has erected a "fluorescent green” statue of Vladimir Lenin in a rather undignified position.

The statue in Nowa Huta, near Krakow, shows the revolutionary urinating. A fountain at his feet makes it all the more life-like.

Nowa Huta was built to be a communist industrial center. In 1954, Vladimir Lenin Steelworks was opened and would later become the largest steel mill in Poland.

The town formerly featured a statue of Lenin on its main street until 1989, when communist Poland collapsed. In fact, many residents in the industrial town tried to blow up the statue in 1979. It now resides in Stockholm after it was bought by a Swedish millionaire in 1992, The Telegraph reports.

Nowa Huta’s new statue is called “The Fountain of the Future.”

Bartosz Szydlowski, one of its creators, says it shows that the town is not just “grey and gloomy," and that residents have a “sense of humor.”

The statue was revealed as part of an art festival and it is not meant to be permanent. Rather, it is designed to stimulate debate over what should be the subject of a permanent statue at the same location.

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