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'I Couldn't Believe My Eyes': Polish Cops Pull Over Driver Of Small Car With Calf In The Backseat

A farmer in Poland was fined and had his license confiscated after police pulled him over and found a calf riding in the back of his small Fiat Punto. 

Zbigniew Grabowski was reportedly returning from taking the baby cow to a veterinarian appointment when traffic cops pulled him over in Mogilno, Poland, reports the Daily Mail. They couldn't believe their eyes when they discovered the 53-year-old farmer had created a mini barn in his backseat, complete with a straw floor and wooden barriers so the calf couldn't escape.

"The driver said he was taking his cow back to his farm and that he had specially adapted the car to carry livestock," said a police spokesman. "We explained that he should get a proper truck and that putting a cow in the back of the car was dangerous."

Grabowski was reportedly forced to walk the rest of the way back to his farm with the calf. He was also fined £100 and had his driver's license confiscated. 

Witness Tomek Mroczkowski says he was concerned for the animal when he spotted him in the small vehicle.

"I looked over and I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the fae of a cow staring at me," Mroczkowski said. "I almost didn't believe it at first. The lights then changed and the car drove off with the cow still looking out of the window. It was such a small car, the poor thing must have been a bit squashed." 

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Source: Daily Mail

Photo Credit: EuroPics via Daily Mail


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