Parents Fall Off Cliff In Front Of Children In Tragic Selfie Accident


A mom and a dad fell to their deaths while vacationing with their children in Portugal after attempting to take a selfie on the side of a cliff.

According to reports, the Polish family was vacationing in Cabo da Roca, Portugal, and decided to spend time on the cliffs. In an attempt to capture the moment, the parents decided to round the kids up and take some pictures. While taking a picture on the side of a cliff, the parents slipped off the edge of the cliff in front of their children.

Due to bad weather, rescue workers were unable to retrieve the bodies from the ocean on Saturday, but after the weather cleared up on Sunday, the bodies were brought to shore.

The children are reportedly in the care of Polish diplomats following their mother and father’s tragic deaths. They are reportedtly speaking to psychologists in order to deal with what they witnessed.

Sources: Independent, NY Post, 9 News


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