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Police: Woman Smuggled Gun Into Jail In Her Genitals (Video)

A 34-year-old woman in New Mexico had another charge added onto her record after reportedly smuggling a handgun into an Albuquerque prison in her genitals.

Josephine McAllister was initially arrested on stolen credit card charges, among others on Dec. 16, but after being brought to a detention center, she was able to sneak a gun past at least four different officers before dumping it in a trash bin in the bathroom, police said.

When an officer later discovered the gun in the trash, McAllister admitted it was hers and claimed she had it tucked in her waistband. But officers believe that isn’t possible, as she was thoroughly searched four different times before being brought to jail.

“We can only be so thorough, and that area is out of the question,” Officer Simon Drobik said. “We cannot search a body cavity.”

McAllister, who was reportedly high on heroin at the time of her arrest, maintains she dumped the gun out of fear she would be in more trouble if the officers knew she had a weapon, according to the Albuquerque Journal.

Her fears came true after the gun was found in the jail bathroom, and now, McAllister is facing charges of taking contraband into a place of imprisonment.

Sources:NY Daily News, Albuquerque Journal / Photo Sources: NY Daily News, Albuquerque Journal


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