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Police: Woman Smuggled 100 Pounds Of Meth Disguised As Candy And Soda Into Alabama

Alabama state troopers say they caught a woman transporting more than 100 pounds of methamphetamines disguised as candy, soda and other children's snacks into the state during a routine traffic stop Thursday afternoon.

Fox Carolina reports that an Alabama state trooper reportedly pulled over 43-year-old Graciela Mora, of San Benito, Texas, for making an improper lane change at approximately 3:30 p.m. that day, on Interstate 65 in Baldwin County, Alabama. During the traffic stop, the state trooper discovered 64 pounds of beverages and 43 pounds of candy and other snacks, all of which contained illegal methamphetamines.

The trooper called the State Bureau of Investigation's Narcotics Unit, who continued the investigation.

Officials booked Mora in the Baldwin County Corrections Center on charges of trafficking in methamphetamine.

"Alabama State Troopers patrol the roadways of Alabama every day and frequently encounter drivers with narcotics and other illegal items," Secretary of Law Enforcement Spencer Collier said. "This discovery is particularly troubling because of the large amounts of methamphetamines that have been concealed in packaging that targets children.

"Alabama State Troopers protect the citizens of Alabama and proposed Legislative budget cuts of 22 to 47 percent will have a detrimental effect on our agency," Collier continued, referring to recently proposed state budget cuts that would eliminate 99 state troopers, 25 investigators and eight Capitol police officers.

The budget cuts would would also impact the National Guard, Alabama Department of Environmental Management, Department of Corrections, courts, driver's license offices, Human Resources and family and child welfare programs, among others.

"We ask that citizens contact their Legislators and ask them to support Governor Bentley’s solution to the budget crisis and put our state on a strong path forward," Collier added.

Mora is being held on a $1 million bond.

The investigation is ongoing as more details unfold.

Sources: Fox Carolina, (2) / Photo Credit: Alabama Law Enforcement Agency, Baldwin County Corrections Center


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