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More Than 300 Chinchillas Removed From Wisconsin Home

Police in Wisconsin were shocked to discover more than 300 chinchillas in a house, which they later deemed to be “unlivable.”

According to reports, Police in Waukesha, Wisconsin, went to the home as part of a “well-being check” to monitor the family living there. When they arrived, officers say the house reeked of an ammonia smell from animal urine and were blown away to discover 330 chinchillas inside, Fox 9 Now reports.

The chinchillas and two cats were removed from the home, and after the fire department arrived, a test determined that the home was uninhabitable due to the amount of ammonia inside.

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“Initially when we got in there, there were elevated ammonia levels from all the urine inside the house from animals,” Mark Sweet of the Waukesha Fire Department explained.

Reports say two adults and one child were living at the home when the animals were discovered. Both adults admitted to breeding and selling the chinchillas.

“They were raising chinchillas in there,” Sweet told Fox 6 Now. “Our fire marshal deemed it not livable in there. The parents living there found other places to live. There was an adolescent child who has been placed with other family members for now.”

In addition to the 330 live chinchillas, at least two dozen dead chinchillas were removed from the Waukesha home.

Sources: Fox 6 Now, Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel / Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons


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