Police: 8-Year-Old Boy Helped Recover Stolen Money (Video)


Missouri police will be honoring an 8-year-old boy after he helped a burglary victim recover hundreds of dollars stolen from his home (video below).

Karter Hatcher doesn’t quite consider himself a hero.

“Not exactly a hero but I feel like a good person,” the 8-year-old told KTVI.

Hatcher was riding his bike in a local Edmundson park a few weeks ago when a 6-year-old boy offered him a $100 dollar bill to ride his new bike.

The boy told the news station that was only the second time he’s seen that much money, and he became suspicious.

“I was wondering that when this 6-year-old had that much money it had to be stolen or something,” Hatcher told the news station.

He went home and told his grandmother, Kathy Carr-Richard. She also felt something wasn’t right.

“I said maybe it’s his grandma’s, his parent’s money for bills,” Carr-Richard said. “I said ‘he shouldn’t have that.’ That’s when Karter said ‘I think he had five or six of them.’”

The grandmother called police and it didn’t take long for authorities to discover the 6-year-old had taken at least five $100 dollar bills from a neighbor’s home. Edmundson Officer Tim Etling said the 6-year-old kept pleading for officers to not tell his mother.

Hatcher will now be honored by Edmundson officials during a ceremony Thursday night.

“He’s just a great kid,” Carr-Richard said of her grandson. “I told him I was very proud of him.”  

“I think we really have to take the time to realize there are some great kids out there,” Etling added. “There’s some great families out there.”

The 6-year-old burglar is currently going through the juvenile process, but police hope this experience will teach him a lesson.

“Maybe we caught him early enough that lesson learned he’s never going to do anything like that again,” Etling said.

According to reports, one $100 dollar bill is still missing. Police suspect the boy may have gone on a candy shopping spree.

Sources: KTVI, KPLR

Photo Credit: Screenshot from YouTube, WikiCommons


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