Police In Wichita, Kansas, Searching For Suspect Who Sexually Assaulted 100-Year-Old Woman During Home Break-In


Police have launched an investigation into the rape of a 100-year-old woman from Wichita, Kansas.

KAKE-TV reports that the unidentified woman, who lives alone but has family in the Wichita area, walked to a neighbor’s house Tuesday morning, saying two people were inside her home.

The woman told police that she was awakened sometime between 9 p.m. Monday and 7 a.m. Tuesday by intruders. Officers responded to the scene, but no one else was inside her home.

Police say one or more suspects apparently forced their way into her home through the back door.

Medical examination confirmed that the woman was assaulted.

"All rapes are a deplorable crime but when you look at the age of the victim, it becomes a little bit more concerning, a little bit more disturbing," said Wichita Police Captain Troy Livingston. "It's a vile crime, and the fact that somebody victimized a 100-year-old female is a little bit harder for the detectives to really grasp.”

According to police, burglary was the main motive for the break-in, but it’s unclear what was stolen from the home.

“I just think that is absolutely disgusting,” an unidentified neighbor of the woman told KSN.com. “I don’t know who would do that. Over in this neighborhood there’s been, just so many problems.”

Neighbors are being questioned and detectives are looking for clues that could lead them to those responsible for what happened to the woman. 

"On these types of cases, you always try to look for DNA and then compare it to an existing database," Livingston told KWCH.

He added: "Keep your doors and your windows locked. We live in a community and we look out for one another so people should be encouraged to call in suspicious activity."


Image Credit: PhotoGuyWichita/Flickr


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