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Stolen Car Lands On House Following Crash

A teenager is in serious condition in hospital after losing control of a stolen SUV and crashing it into a house in Atlanta on Oct. 18.

The vehicle ended up on the roof of the property and the 16-year-old was ejected onto the grass in front of a neighboring house, WSB-TV reported.

The incident occurred at about 6:45 a.m. in a neighborhood in the southwest of the city.

“All I could hear was a loud screeching from how fast the car was going, and I could see sparks flying from the power line,” Johnathan Williams, who lives in a neighboring property, told WAGA.

“He hit a power line so all power was out. Completely dark. I ran and he was lying in grass breathing slowly,” Williams added.

The woman who owns the house was not at home at the time. Nobody else was injured in the incident.

The car may have gone airborne because it struck several trees and mailboxes. The fence outside Williams’ home was damaged.

Williams was sitting in his living room at the time and was about to take his daughter to school.

“Something told me to wait for a second,” Williams said, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “And I waited, and that’s when I heard everything, and I could see the flashing from where he hit the power line. The transformer exploded.”

Other neighbors were shocked.

“How in the world did he get that car up there?” Vince Person wondered.

The outlook for the teenager is not good. Police described his condition as grave.

“He doesn’t realize life is short. Stealing cars, running. That’s exactly where you end up -- in the hospital,” Person said.

The car belonged to Ebony Thomas-Knight, who was in the city on business from New Jersey.

“My friend called and said, ‘Is that your car on the roof?’” she said.

Thomas-Knight had to rent a vehicle for her drive home on Oct. 18.

“This has been very, very weird for me,” she added.

Sources: WSB-TV, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, WAGA / Photo credit: Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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