Driver Found Unconscious, Child In Back Seat

A 4-year-old in Ohio was placed in the custody of Children's Services after police discovered him in the car with his parents passed out in the front seat in what reportedly appeared to be a possible drug overdose.

Police followed the car after seeing it weaving erratically on the road, and found James Acord, 47, along with passenger Rhonda Pasek, 50, asleep in the front seats. Police then found the young boy in the back seat, according to WKBN.

The officer who was following the car said that Acord almost hit a school bus before skidding to a stop, according to WCMH.

Police shared photos and a report from the incident on Facebook to show "the other side of this horrible drug." Officers reportedly found a pink, powdery substance inside of a folded piece of paper in the front seat of the car, which was sent to a lab for testing. Police Chief John Lane said it could be a few weeks before the results are available.

Lane added that while his department has dealt with people in similar conditions, they don't see many people trying to drive in such a state.

"We'll find people passed out in parking lots and sometimes in parks and out of the way places. They’ll shoot up and pass out."

The officer who stopped Acord said that he lost consciousness, while Pasek was already passed out and turning blue. Acord had said that he was trying to bring Pasek to the hospital.

"I imagine that little kid that’s in that car, he’s ... seen that at home probably dozens of times where they’re passed out with needles in their arms," said Lane.

The officer reportedly called an ambulance, which gave the pair Narcan, an opioid reversal drug, and took them to the hospital.

Acord and Pasek later appeared in court, with Acord facing charges of driving under the influence and endangering children. Pasek has been charged with public intoxication, endangering children, and not wearing a seatbelt.

Sources: WKBN via WISH-TV, WCMH / Photo credit: City of East Liverpool, Ohio/Facebook

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