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Texas Police Accidentally Spike Wrong Car During High-Speed Chase

Austin, Texas, police said they were trying to help Hays County officers catch a high-speed chase subject when they accidentally spike stripped the wrong car.

Hays County police officers were chasing a white PT Cruiser when the vehicle entered Travis County, Texas. Austin police then got involved, but laid down spike strips for the wrong car. Instead, they spiked the tires of a gray Hyundai sedan.

“Soon as I was coming down the freeway, I saw an officer’s car parked on the side of the highway. As I looked to the right, I saw the officer sliding some spikes on the side of the road,” Christopher Brown said. “So when I was coming down the highway I hit them.”

Brown said his car began to shake and then slow down, according to Fox News.

“They asked me to put my hands out the window, and I basically did everything they were telling me to do, so when I backed out of the car, they asked me to back up, they had shotguns on me and everything,” Brown said.

Brown said that he had no idea why police had pulled him over at that point.

Police put Brown in handcuffs and placed him in the back of a police car. Five minutes later, they pulled him out and apologized for mistaking his vehicle for the correct one.

Brown said he was given a phone number to call city legal to replace the tires on his brand new Hyundai G350. However, since the office was closed when he called, he had to replace them with his own money.

Brown said that he will call again to be reimbursed for his tires. He noted that he isn’t sure how his car got confused with a white PT Cruiser. 

According to Starchase, the future of high speed chases could soon change for police and suspects alike. With the new Starchase technology, officers can launch a tracking device to any car to make the chase easier, and hopefully avoid incidents like Brown's.

Sources: Fox News, Starchase Photo Credit: Fox News

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