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Autopsy: Toddler Died Of Numerous Blunt Force Injuries (Photo)

The medical examiner who conducted the autopsy on the North Carolina toddler who was beaten to death in August found that she died of numerous blunt force injuries.

Jordyn Dumont, 3, had injuries to her stomach, arms and legs before she died, according to WSOC. She had 10 contusions to her abdomen and chest, six contusions to her right arm and 14 contusions to her left arm.

Jordyn was reported missing by her mother's boyfriend, William McCullen, on Aug. 15. The next day, authorities discovered her remains in a shallow grave in the woods near her home.

According to the medical examiner's report, her body had been wrapped in a black sheet and dumped in a hole with broken tree limbs and dried leaves. She was wearing blue jean shorts and a white shirt with "Best Big Sister" printed on the front.

Shortly after Jordyn's body was found, McCullen was arrested and charged with her murder. He is currently awaiting trial in Gaston County Jail, according to the Gaston Gazette.

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It was later revealed that, in the 21 months leading up to Jordyn's death, Gaston County Police had responded to 16 calls at McCullen's residence, according to The Charlotte Observer.

Two of those calls were made by Jordyn's biological father, Josh Kinnett, who indicated that he was worried about his daughter's welfare. In both instances, police said there was no cause for concern.

Social workers also visited the residence before Jordyn's death, reportedly concluding that McCullen should be drug tested and that Jordyn's mother, Jaylene Dumont, should remain in contact with Kinnett.

No legal action was ever taken against McCullen.

State Rep. John Torbett said he will request an investigation from an independent agency to determine whether negligence on the part of social workers played a role in the child's death.

A child fatality task force -- made up of social workers, law enforcement and community members -- will also investigate the events leading up to the girl's death, according to the Gaston Gazette.

Sources: WSOC, Gaston Gazette, The Charlotte Observer / Photo credit: WNCN

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