Pro-Life Protest Group Films Police Watching As Man Steals Their Signs (Video)


A pro-life group in Jackson, Mississippi posted footage recently of police standing by as someone steals their signs during a protest.

The group, Created Equal, filmed as a man repeatedly picked up their protest signs and stored them at his property. A number of Jackson Police Department officers were standing by watching the signs being taken, but failed to intervene.

After seeing almost ten signs taken, a member of Created Equal asked the officers why they weren’t stopping the theft.

“Are you gonna allow someone to just walk away with our property?” the man asked.

“I’m watching it,” the officer responded.

As the unidentified man continued taking signs, members of the group grew more frustrated.

“You’re just gonna allow this guy to systematically dismantle our display?” one member asks the officers. “I don’t know how you can’t just stop someone from stealing.”

The officers never offered a meaningful response to the group.

At the end of the video, Created Equal writes that charges have been filed against the man who took their signs.

Here is the footage:

Source: YouTube, TheBlaze


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