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Police Warn Wealthy Florida Men to Look Out for Seductress Burglar

Authorities are warning middle aged, wealthy men in Florida to watch out for a young seductress who has stolen thousands of dollars from unsuspecting victims.

She identified herself as "Crystal," and has taken thousands of dollars in cash and luxury watches.

There has only been one man who came forward but police believe there are more victims that are embarrassed to report it. 

The one victim that came forward said he met her in Pampano Beach, Fla. He was 45 years old and met her at a restaurant called YOLO. 

They left at closing and then went to get another drink at a nearby club. Then they went to the man's mansion.

It was the last drink of the night that Crystal drugged. She went to make them drinks, and returned thirty minutes later with his vodka cocktail. A few minutes after consuming it, the man became unconscious.

It wasn't until the next afternoon that he woke up and realized he was robbed.

She took $6,000 in cash, a platinum Rolex watch and three other watches worth more than $95,000. 

Police believe it was not her first time doing this, as she had carefully planned the ordeal, including erasing her contact information from his phone before she left. 

Sources: Daily Mail, ABC


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