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Iowa Authorities Seek Men In Black

A sheriff’s department in Iowa has asked for help to identify black-clad men who have reportedly appeared on the roadside in rural areas of Muscatine County at night.

A number of people have shared stories on social media about their sightings of the "men in black" while driving along rural roads in the area, the Daily Mail reported.

"We have had several reports of 'men dressed in black' entering the roadway in rural Muscatine County," the Muscatine County Sheriff's Department wrote in a Facebook post on June 20. "We don't have any new information about these people, but we have also seen several posts on Facebook about the same type of activity."

Muscatine County Sheriff C.J. Ryan told KCCI that no criminal offenses had been committed by the men. But he stressed that they were engaging in dangerous actions and could face criminal or civil prosecution if someone sustained an injury or property was damaged.

"It would be extremely helpful to the Sheriff's Office, if you witness this type of activity, that you call 911 immediately,” the sheriff's department's Facebook post continued, according to the Mail. "Your help is greatly appreciated."

Most people who responded to the post reported seeing the strange figures between 10 p.m. and 3 a.m.

"They walked right out in the road to the drivers side of my vehicle,” wrote Rj Strong, who added that he came across the men earlier in June. "Which means they [were] in the middle of the road or the middle of the on coming lane."

Others suggested this was not a new development.

“This has been going on for awhile, my daughter and her boyfriend saw them 3-4 weeks ago on hwy 22,” Dawn Lane-Schultheis wrote.

“She told me about it but didn't seem too concerned so I just shrugged it off as a strange [occurrence]," she added. "She didn't seem scared just thought [it] was really weird."

Another person reported having seen a similar sight in Texas.

Some questioned whether the incidents should be taken seriously.

“We do take this seriously, hoping the public can assist,” the department wrote in response to one such comment.

Sources: Daily Mail, KCCI / Photo Credit: Quentin Verwaerde/Flickr

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