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Police Warn About Package Scam

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Police are alerting citizens about a scam involving packages sent to people's homes.

The Colorado Springs Police Department in Colorado has put out a warning about a recent scam in which a senior citizen had a package that she didn't order delivered to her home, according to KKTV.

About three months after the woman sent the package back, she got a notice that she owed $139.97 to a collection agency for not returning the package to the sender in a timely manner.

The Better Business Bureau was reportedly notified of the scam.

The company, TRA Limited, has dozens of complaints on Ripoff Report, a consumer website that warns customers about scams. The complaints involve unordered packages and other mail sent to homes.

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"Just like many others, I have received a letter from CCB Credit Services Inc., saying they are collecting $139.97 on behalf of TRS Limited LLC," said one consumer from Springfield, Illinois, in a complaint on the site. "I never heard of either of these two, nor received any invoices/bills from TRS or CCB in the past."

"I have responded advising I dispute this debt and asking to provide information on whom and why they think I owe money, amount, and age of the debt, and CCB's authority to collect debt from me, I am not sure they have a nationwide license to do so," the complaint continued. "With so many people reporting this scam, shall a class action [lawsuit] against both CCB and TRS be started. TRS- for false debt claim and CCB for not performing due diligence on debts they are collecting?"

A search online for TRS Limited LLC only brings up the company's page on Ripoff Report, according to KPNX. However, CCB Credit Services and another collection agency named in a complaint, Tate & Kirin Associates, are both real agencies.

"Received a collection letter for $139.95 for a product I never authorized delivery or gave credit card info for," said another complaint, "hence that's why they sent this to a collection agency, as ... I didn't authorize purchasing anything from them."

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"Got a piece of mail that looked like a check, I opened it and noticed it was CCB Credit Services saying that I owe $139.97," said another complaint on the site. "I called the number listed and they said it was for coffee green max supplement pills that I paid $6.95 for shipping and this $139 is for some kind of thing I supposedly signed up for to receive more pills."

"I have never even heard of these green coffee max supplement pills in my life nor have I bought them," the complaint said.

The Federal Trade Commission advises that people who receive merchandise in the mail that they did not order are not legally obligated to return such merchandise, although they may write the seller to offer to return the merchandise.

Sources: KPNX, KKTV, Ripoff Report / Photo Credit: Dushan Hanuska/Flickr, Tom Ray/Flickr, Beck Gusler/Flickr

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