Police Warn Of 'New' Marijuana-Based Drug That Looks Like Lip Balm

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Ed. Note: This article previously incorrectly attributed the photo to Fox News. It actually comes via Stuff Stoners Like.

A so-called 'new' drug recently surfaced in the Atlanta area, and local police are now warning people of its effects.

The 'new' drug goes by different names, including Honeycomb, Butter, and Wax, and it has the same appearance and texture of lip balm. Police say that people tend to carry it around in plain sight and avoid detection because it doesn’t look like a drug.

“It can be carried around in a bag, hidden in plain sight basically,” said Roswell Police Officer Zachary Frommer to My Fox Atlanta. “It’s just an extra kick. It gets ’em higher and it gets them higher faster. The 15-20 joints you smoke can equal a dose of the Wax. You’re getting a lot of home cooks, a lot of teenagers and others that are trying to make it at home. And because of the things you need to use to make it, because they’re flammable and they’re combustible and you may end up blowing up your house or burning yourself.”

The drug isn’t just found in Atlanta, however. Reports say that Wax abuse is increasing all over the United States.

The latest Wax bust took place in Roswell, Georgia, and police believe it was being sold to high school kids.

Photo Credit: Stuff Stoners Like

Sources: Fox News, My Fox Atlanta, My Fox Philly


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