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Police Warn About Rite Aid Sweepstakes Scam

Police are warning the public about a Rite Aid scam that tricked one elderly woman into almost buying a $500 'Green Dot' card.

The scam starts with a phone call, in which the person is told that they have won money in a Rite Aid sweepstakes. The elderly woman, from West Kittanning, Penn. was told that she won $18,000. She was then told to buy the card for $500 to help pay for the taxes on her winnings.

Fortunately, the woman contacted her son before she purchased the card, and so did not lose any money.

Green Dot cards are pre-paid cards, similar to gift cards, that can be used like debit cards. The scam works by tricking the person into buying the card, and then giving the serial number to the scammer. After the scammer gets hold of the serial number, they are then able to use the prepaid card for themselves.

Joe Zandarski, state trooper, said the phone call seemed to have come from Jamaica. No one has been arrested for the scam.

Rite Aid is aware of the scam and is now warning its customers about the phone calls. 

Sources: Inquisitr, WPXI


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