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Police Use YouTube To Bust New Hampshire Man Kyle Berry For Growing Marijuana

Though the American public is becoming more and more accepting of the idea of legalized marijuana, citizens caught with the plant are still punished pretty harshly.

New Hampshire resident Kyle Berry is finding this out all too well.

Berry has been arrested and convicted for manufacturing a controlled substance after police found 16 marijuana plants and one pound of loose marijuana at his house.

Police tracked down Berry after seeing 35 YouTube videos posted by him on how to grow marijuana at home. Berry is not seen in any of the videos, but his reflection can be seen on a shiny surface and his name appears on a label in one of his tutorials.

“He’s not the brightest person in the world,” said Rockingham County Sheriff Michael Downing. “There’s indications that he was selling the product. This isn’t the first grow he’s had.”

Berry claims he was growing the drug for his own use, but presiding Judge Marguerite Wageling doubts this claim.

Berry told prosecutors he has been growing marijuana for about eight months. He pleaded guilty to charges of manufacturing a controlled substance.

This is not Berry’s first encounter with the law. He has faced previous charges shoplifting and driving without a license. 

Sources: Huffington Post, CBS Boston


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