Police Use Taser On Unarmed Autistic Man For Walking Away (Video)


Tario Anderson, an adult with severe autism, was tased by police officers in Greenville, South Carolina, on Christmas Eve.

Officers were responding to calls of gunshots when they came across the unarmed young man.

"When they put their spotlight on him, he immediately put his head down, put his hands in his pockets and started to walk away from him," Greenville Police Officer Johnathan Bragg told WYFF (video below).

"They then got out of the vehicle and approached him and ordered him to stop at which point he did flee from the officers and they pursued him," added Officer Bragg.

In a cell phone video shot by a neighbor, Anderson's mother Carolyn repeatedly told the police that her son had autism, but they appear to ignore her.

"I was trying to make them take me to jail. I curse everything, 'Take me! I'm the one causing trouble! Take me. He's not doing nothing.' Whatever I said, it didn’t make no difference to them, they just laugh, it was funny to them," recalled Carolyn.

Anderson was charged with resisting arrest and interfering with police work, even though he was walking away from police, not towards them or in their way.

According to Fox Carolina, Carolyn has filed a complaint against the officers for using execessive force on her son.

Sources: Fox Carolina, WYFF
Image Credit: WYFF Screenshot


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