Police Use Taser on 60-Year-Old Shoplifting Suspect (Video)


Police in Lakeside, Colo., were recently caught on a cell phone video tasering a 60-year-old man who was suspected of shoplifting at a local Walmart.

Officers reportedly chased the man from Walmart to a dumpster across the street last Friday.

Moments later, witness Pete Ortega began recording the incident on his cell phone (video below).

“I just pulled out my phone and started recording,” Ortega told CBS Denver.

While two police officers hold the senior on the ground, a third officer tases him.

“You probably have over 700, 800 pounds of police force there, and there’s a 60-year-old man there that probably weighs a buck-fifty, and you’ve got to pull the taser out to take him down? I just don’t think it was right,” added Ortega.

The Lakeside Police department issued a statement that said in part: “He refused to comply with officers’ request to get down, pulled him arms under him, and a struggle ensued... He was tased and eventually complied [and] was placed into custody.”

Ortega countered, "It’s clear to see that there was a different way for that to be handled."

However, CBS Denver viewers were mixed in their opinions on the station's Facebook page:

This is not excessive force. The guy committed a crime, ran from officers, then is clearly resisting the arrest. The two officers are not having any luck getting his arms behind his back, so the taser is justified.

 Don't steal and you don't get arrested.

Way excessive for not even knowing for sure that the man ACTUALLY did anything. And I agree Lakesides pigs are ridiculous! So much for innocent till proven guilty.

Sources: Facebook, CBS Denver (Image Credit: jasonesbain)


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