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Police Use Song Lyrics To Charge Teenager With Murder

15-year-old Wisconsin resident Tommy Canady has been charged with the murder of Semar McClain, 19.

Prosecutors allege Canady killed McClain with one shot to the head during an armed robbery on July 29th. The weapon used to kill McClain, a .38 handgun, was found by police in Canady’s house days later.

That finding was enough to pin Canady as a key suspect in the case. But investigators would soon get a boost to their prosecution from an unlikely source: SoundCloud, a website where users post and share their music.

Canady has a number of songs on the site. In one of his songs, posted just two days after the shooting, Canady boasts about gunning down Semar McClain. Here are the lines, according to Fox 6 Now:

“Get Semar slipping, walking through the alley, (expletive) tried to run like an athlete, but bullets catch (expletive), bullets run track meets, bullet hit the (expletive) head and he falls to his toes, he thinks he’s (expletive) now he’s getting exposed.”

The song then says “I’ll kill (expletive) real quick and snatch his gold.”

Police confirm that McClain was robbed after being shot.

Racine County District Attorney Richard Chiapete called the killing “a cold, heartless, heinous act.”

He blasted Canady for “placing a rap video online, basically bragging about what he did.”

Canady is charged with one count of first degree intentional homicide with use of a dangerous weapon, and one count of robbery with use of a dangerous weapon. Despite being 15 years old, Canady will be tried as an adult.

His preliminary hearing is scheduled for August 14th. If convicted of the charges, he could spend the rest of his life in prison. 

Source: Fox 6 News


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