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Police Use Online Dating Site OkCupid to Arrest 24-Year-Old Ryan Convington for Missing Court Appearances

A young man who thought he was meeting a woman for a blind date had no idea the meeting would lead to his arrest.

Law enforcement officers in Richmond, Va., recently used the popular dating site OkCupid to arrest a young man who had failed to appear in court after breaking into a car.

Ryan Covington, 24, had missed several court appearances after allegedly breaking into a car in Shockoe Bottom. Police had reportedly been having trouble locating Covington and decided to use OkCupid to find him.

Covington (pictured) thought he was going on a blind date with a woman he had met on OkCupid. In reality, police had crafted a fake OkCupid profile that was perfectly compatible with Covington’s.

“I set up a profile and her name was Sasha,” Richmond Police Lt. Daniel Minton told NBC affiliate WWBT-TV.

Covington and “Sasha” exchanged messages for about a week, then the two agreed to meet in person. According to Minton, Covington was told to look for a woman wearing a black turtleneck and red skirt.

Instead, the lieutenant met Covington in his full police uniform.

“He kept saying ‘I’m supposed to be meeting someone here on a blind date’,” Minton said. “I said ‘Well, you have a warrant for your arrest. You’re coming with us instead.”

Covington was reportedly on probation for two drug charges. After he was arrested again and failed to make several court appearances, he became a wanted man.

“He wasn’t wanted for a very violent crime,” Minton said. “But to the people in the neighborhood where he lives, you know, they want him off the street.”

According to The Raw Story, Covington is scheduled to appear in court in January for his previously missed court dates. He also faces a separate hearing in March for a probation violation and previous drug charges.

Sources: WWBT, The Raw Story


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