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Police Uncover A Secret Cave Filled With Weapons And Gambling Machines

Police in Fresno, California, discovered a cave underneath a man’s home while responding to a domestic violence call.

KFSN reported neighbots called for help after they heard screams coming from their neighbor’s home. A crying woman answered the door when police arrived and she denied them entrance, but officers saw two people running through the home. Worried someone was hurt, they searched for the suspects inside the home and uncovered a secret underground cave. 

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Two men were hiding in the cave, which contained a surveillance system, tools, live ammunition, guns, and illegal gambling machines. Police also found marijuana plants on the property.

Daniel Marquez, Kue Vang, and Lee Khamman were all arrested on various charges, including child endangerment, illegal gambling, weapons charges and violating probation.

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The cave has been deemed unsafe, ABC reported.

“It was very narrow, and it took a little bit of agility, but once down inside the space, it was like being in forest-y air underground gardens,” said Battalion Chief Thomas Cope. The officers entered the cave after testing the air to make sure it wasn’t a drug lab.

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The entrance to the cave was hidden by a chicken coop leaning up against a garage. The coop was on skateboard wheels, meaning it could be rolled away to reveal a set of stairs that led to the secret cave.

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Sources: KFSN, ABC Image via KFSN


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