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Police Try To Break Up Student Brawl, Teens Turn On Cops (Video)

A wild brawl outside William Allen High School in Allentown, Pennsylvania, on Oct. 29 resulted in the arrest of three students and injuries to four police officers (video below).

The officers responded to reports of a large group of students fighting in the street, notes the New York Daily News.

Police claim that as they were trying to break up the wild fight, some of the students turned on them.

The injured officers were treated at a local hospital.

According to WPVI, five students are facing felony charges.

"We are going to continue to investigate this until everybody that was involved has been identified," Police Chief Keith Morris told WPVI.

"The officers show remarkable restraint when their own personal safety was at risk," Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski said. "Violence against our police officers cannot be tolerated. The perpetrators of this violence will be held accountable."

Sources: New York Daily News, WPVI / Photo Credit: New York Daily News Screenshot


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