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Police Training Company Claims That ISIS Terrorists Will Invade U.S. (Video)

In the Line of Duty, a company that produces video training programs for U.S. police departments, recently claimed that Middle Eastern terrorist organization ISIS could invade the U.S.

In the Line of Duty recently made the prediction on its Facebook page and included a link to an article by The Guardian, which noted the increased militarization of police in America.

The Guardian article mentioned 2-year-old Bounkham “Bou Bou” Phonesavanh who had a hole blown in his chest when a SWAT team member threw a flashbang grenade onto his bed during a failed drug raid in Cornelia, Georgia.

“[The SWAT team] told me that they had taken my baby to the hospital. They said he was fine, he had only lost a tooth, but they wanted him in for observation,” the toddler's mother told The Guardian. “His face was blown open. He had a hole in his chest that left his rib-cage visible.”

The infant's mother wrote a more graphic account on and recently posted an update:

As of the afternoon of 6/24/2014, Baby Bou Bou has been taken out of the medically induced coma and transferred to a new hospital to begin rehabilitation. The hole in his chest has yet to heal, and doctors are still not able to fully assess lasting brain damage.

In response to this tragic assault, In the Line of Duty wrote on its Facebook page: "When this ‘militarization’ of lea’s (Law Enforcement Agencies) affects infants like Bou Bou, the public’s going to be righteously outraged. But, someday, when ISIS comes a calling, who will be complaining then?" recently reported that the "American Civil Liberties Union found that seven civilians were killed and 46 people have been injured in SWAT raids since 2010" (video below).

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