Two Women Arrested After Police Find 38 Cats In Minivan


Two Atlanta women were arrested after police say they were living in a minivan with 38 cats and newborn kittens.

Atlanta police were called to investigate a homeless family living in a van on April 26. When they arrived at the scene, they discovered the minivan was also filled with 38 cats, including newborn kittens stuffed in the cup holders.

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Alexandra Wingate, 41, and her mother Sharyn Wingate, 70, lived in the van together. When police found their Dodge Caravan, Alexandra was inside and said she worked at a veterinary clinic and was waiting for her mother, who was in a store, according to

Police learned that a warrant was out for the two women's arrest for previous charges of animal cruelty when 20 cats were found in their home in March 2016. The two women were arrested for violating their probation by owning cats, according to WAGA. 

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The cats will reportedly be treated by a local veterinarian, then put up for adoption through the Fulton County Animal Shelter. According to Karen Hirsch, the spokeswoman for the LifeLine Animal project, four of the cats are not yet ready adoption for various reasons.

Sources:, WAGA / Photo credit: LifeLine Animal Project via Daily Mail

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