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Colorado Toddler Left In Car Overnight In Sub-Zero Temps

A 2-year-old boy was found alone suffering from hypothermia and frostbite in a snow-embedded car in a Colorado strip mall parking lot Dec. 17, law enforcement officials reported. His  26-year-old mother was arrested on a felony child abuse charge for the incident. 

Nicole Carmon from Westminster, Colorado, was publicly identified for having left her child in her car overnight by the Thornton Police Department in a tweet posted Dec. 17, the Daily Mail reports. 

Carmon told Westminster law enforcement officials that she had been in a car accident on Friday that affected her memory, The Denver Post reports.

She claimed she couldn't recall the details of the accident, how she returned home or where her vehicle was, exactly, but was able to inform police of the general area of where her car was parked with her son inside. 

As a result, police authorities began a search for the vehicle and Carmon's son at 10:40 a.m. Dec. 17. He was found inside his mother's car in a parking lot around noon after having spent several hours in sub-zero temperatures. 

The toddler was promptly taken to a local hospital for his "severe" frostbitten and hypothermic condition. Details of his condition were not released, USA Today reports. 

"The car was blanketed with snow. There was no way of seeing what was inside," Thornton police representative Matt Barnes commented. 

Barnes also stated the vehicle did not exhibit signs of having been in an accident. 

Overnight temperatures plunged to around 23 degrees on the night of Dec. 16 in Thornton.

According to KDVR, Barnes said in a release: "Police are investigating the circumstances that led up to the child being left alone inside the vehicle and how long the child was left alone." 

Sources: The Denver Post, Daily Mail, USA Today, KDVR / Photo credit: Equilibrio Informativo

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