Police Tip Over Portable Toilet with Suspect Inside (Video)

Jo Hampton was inside a portable toilet in Memphis, Tenn., when police tipped over the mobile facility, which he claims was "excessive force."

Hampton, who admits that he was evading police, was charged with criminal trespassing and evading arrest (video below).

"I could hear them when they pulled up, so I knew that they were behind the porta potty," Hampton told WMC Action 5 News. "I heard them say on three. Three. And it went over."

"Luckily, didn't any of the blue water or septic water get on me," added Hampton.

According to Hampton, he was visiting a friend at an apartment complex when the incident began.

However, Memphis police say the apartment complex had banned Hampton, who fled law enforcement, noted the Associated Press.

"Yes sir, I regret running because I tired myself out. I smoke cigarettes, but besides that, I made them work for it," added Hampton.

Hampton claims that he stopped in the portable toilet to rest and call his girlfriend to prepare her for his inevitable arrest.

"Excessive force was used, very much so," stated Hampton. "I believe they tried to humiliate me, because they knew that water and feces and pee was in there. I believe they did that on purpose."

Hampton claims that he sustained back injuries from the incident. He also says officers kicked him in the behind. The Memphis Police Department has placed four officers on leave while it investigates the incident.

Sources: WMC Action 5 News, Associated Press


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