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Black Man Beaten By Police, Loses Vision In One Eye (Video)


In August, 2015, Eastpointe, Michigan police arrested a black man for driving drunk, then tied him to a chair and beat him until he was unconscious for "resisting" the officers.

The man, Frankie Taylor, had an implant under one of his eyes, which became dislodged by the blows to his head, reports the Independent. He didn't receive medical attention until days later, after being transferred to a different jail, at which point it was too late to restore his eyesight.

Tayor has filed a lawsuit against the police department, seeking damages exceeding $75,000, not counting legal fees and punitive damages.

KTVI obtained a disturbing video (below) of the beating. After a verbal exchange, an officer tells Taylor, "If you keep acting like a child, you’re going to get strapped in that chair and you’re going to stay there."

As they place him in the chair and restrain him, another officer enters the room and puts on a pair of gloves, before walking over to Taylor and hitting him repeatedly. With each punch, the officer says "Stop resisting. Stop resisting."

Taylor later told FOX, "I don't feel like I was a threat to the officers to the point that they had to hit me until I was unconcious."

He added, "The guy hit me so many times, it made me cry once I seen the tape. I was knocked out... I wouldn't expect this from officers."

Taylor's lawyer, James Rasor, says that in addition to "permanent loss of eyesight in one eye," after the beating, Taylor suffers from "these horrible nightmares."

Rasor says that beyond police brutality, the police treated Taylor differently because he is black. "White folks were allowed to use the phone by police officers," he said. "Even one who had urinated in his pants was allowed to use the phone. Frankie Taylor wasn't, and the only difference is that Frankie Taylor happens to be African-American."

This is not the first instance of brutality to come out of the Eastpointe police department. In 2003, a federal court heard a case in which officers with the department allegedly pepper-sprayed, tackled, and "stomped on" a man to whom they were attempting to issue a citation for failing to contain a disruptive party.

WARNING: Video contains graphic content that might be disturbing to some

Sources: The Independent, KTVI, US District Court Michigan / Image Sources: KTVI

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