Police Tell Man to Hand Over Cell Phone to Ensure It's Not a Gun (Video)

In a cell phone video (below) recorded on April 30, police officer Shannon Todd (pictured) of the Newark Police Gang Unit in New Jersey can be seen asking an unidentified man to hand her his cell phone.

Officer Todd said she wanted to make sure the cell phone was actually a cell phone and not a firearm, noted Photography Is Not a Crime.

Police then asked the man with the cell phone to sit down on a public bench with some other citizens or leave the public park, where the incident took place.

When the man asks the police why they pulled up to the park, one unidentified male police officer answers: "You don't need to ask me questions" (video below).

As the man walks away, the male police officer tells him repeatedly to walk further away because he is not at a safe distance.

After walking away, the man keeps recording from a distance, but yells to other the citizens: "Ask the cops why they are messing with you!"

Source: PhotographyIsNotaCrime.com


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