Police Taser Wrong Man Twice (Video)


Georgia police officers tased and handcuffed the wrong man while serving a warrant and then tried to excuse their actions (video below).

When officers with the Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department went to serve a warrant to Michael Clay, they encountered auto mechanic Patrick Mumford, 24, sitting in a vehicle and assumed it was Clay, The Daily Beast reports.

Body camera footage captured what transpired between the officers and Mumford.

"What's your name, man?" an officer asks Mumford, who is seated in the passenger side of a vehicle with the door open.

“Why’re you askin'?" Mumford replies.

"Well, what’s your name?" the officer says. "I’m gonna ask you one more time."

“Patrick,” Mumford responds.

An officer explains to Mumford that they probably need to talk, and again asks him his name.

"Uh, Patrick,” he says.

The officer then asks Mumford to stand up and put his hands on the car.

“What happened?" Mumford asks while standing, and then sits back down in the vehicle as the officers struggle with him and grab his arms to try and pull him back up. "What did I do?”

“Y’all didn’t tell me," Mumford continues. "What’d I do, man?"

The officers tell Mumford that he has a warrant.

“I just came back from my probation officer,” Mumford exclaims from the passenger seat, insinuating that his PO would have informed him of the alleged warrant.

Mumford then continues to struggle with the officers from inside the vehicle.

An officer then gives the order to tase Mumford.

It took only 38 seconds for the officer to decide that a taser should be used on Mumford, according to Will Claiborne, Mumford's attorney.

The video the officers and Mumford arguing over the situation, and that Mumford asks to see the warrant.

An officer responds by telling Mumford to get out of the car because he has a warrant. When he eventually moves to exit the vehicle, an officer tases him.

Mumford was tased twice with 2,000 volts of electricity, according to a YouTube video by the Claiborne firm released on July 14.

An officer, after looking at Mumford’s identification, realizes they have the wrong man, The Daily Beast reports.

The officer tries to excuse his actions by saying Mumford did not show him his identification when asked and that he looks like the suspect they are after.

None of the officers asked Mumford for his identification.

One of the officers even tries to get a bystander to defend their error by asking them to verify that he looks like Clay. The bystander does not.

“The problem is Patrick Mumford doesn’t look like Michael Clay, he ain’t Michael Clay, and they roll up on him like he is,” Claiborne told The Daily Beast on July 14. “When he says his name is Patrick, they don’t believe him.”

“If they had had adequate training, they would have known not all black men look the same,” he added.

Mumford was charged with obstruction, faces a probation violation from a nonviolent drug offense and could spend seven years in prison.

Sources: Claiborne Firm/YouTube, The Daily Beast / Photo Credit: Screenshot/Claiborne Firm/YouTube

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