Police Take Away Man's Two-Pound Joint at 4/20 Event

Police patrolling a student gathering to celebrate 4/20 at the University of California - Santa Cruz confiscated a man's two pound joint.

While many at the gathering were smoking weed, none were smoking a joint as large as this man's 4-foot long one. 

Many states would punish the man for having that much marijuana, charging him with a felony and putting him in jail for several years.

But because California has more leniency about marijuana use, and because they allow anyone with a medical prescription to legally posses up to an ounce of it, they did not charge the man.

Still, the man was extremely upset by the officers taking away his drugs, especially because it was worth anywhere from $5,000 to $6,000.

In a video filmed by an observer, the man is shown yelling at the police for taking his joint.

"You lied to me, too. Dude you're a liar. You're a liar…I can't wait to see you in court. I can show how you're harassing me," he said.

"We're going to court, man. We're totally going to court."

Though many were upset by the police taking away his joint, others said the man was asking for it.

The poster of the video said the man had a booth set up to show off the joint.

"This guy had a booth set up to unveil this guy, shouldn't have drawn so much attention man!" he said.

While administrators on campus have urged students not to participate in the marijuana holiday, they usually don't listen. Authorities have little say in the event as it attracts such a large crowd.

While most events celebrating 4/20 are peaceful, some have become violent.

Rapes and thefts were reported at the event in previous years, and last year, campus police chief Nader Oweis said a registered sex offender attended.

In Denver, Colo., residents celebrated the newly legal drug. Two people and a dog were shot and wounded after an argument broke out.

Sources: Daily Mail,MSN


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