Police Sue NFL Running Back LeSean McCoy

Two Philadelphia police officers are suing Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy after they claim McCoy and his entourage attacked them in a night club. 

The altercation started after a dispute over who purchased a $350 bottle of champagne at the Recess nightclub in Philadelphia, Blue Lives Matter reports. The two off-duty officers who were working security at the club stepped in to dissolve the situation, and that's when McCoy and his entourage attacked them, according to their official reports. 

Both officers were hospitalized with injuries, and the attorney representing both officers was quoted as saying, “Our investigation has confirmed that [officers] Darnell Jessie and Roland Butler were viciously attacked and beaten by LeSean McCoy and the additional defendants. As a result of the violent assault, both men have suffered serious and permanent injuries.”

Due to the high-profile nature of the dispute, the Philadelphia Police Department referred the case to the District Attorney’s office. The DA announced that they had decided not to prosecute McCoy because they could not prove who initiated the fight.

The Attorney General for the state reviewed the case and officially disagreed with the DA’s decision, but would not go so far as to overturn it. That left the officers without recourse to prosecute McCoy for his alleged actions. As a result, they have decided to sue him, three friends who were also allegedly involved in the incident, as well as the Recess nightclub, in civil court instead.  

McCoy could also face sanctions from the NFL after they conclude their investigation on the matter.  

Reaction to the story on Facebook was swift. One user wrote, “Good sue him...and quit working those type of nightclubs because if they want to fight, argue, and kill each other then by all means let them do it. No need to keep putting blue lives on the line to protect trash that has no respect for them whatsoever.”

Another added, “America is brainwashed into watching football. They will never change. Me, I had enough of the politics and asshole players, myself.” 

McCoy has yet to release an official statement on the matter. 

Sources: Blue Lives Matter, Blue Lives Matter/Facebook / Photo credit: Keith Allison/Flickr

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